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Vital Consciousness by 86Era

Vital Consciousness

After more than a month of holiday and time-out, I’m getting ready to start blogging about shit again. So here we go, a small post to kick off the new season.

You are aweing at the latest piece by Maxwell Lord, the man behind, called “Vital Consciousness”. It’s been featured as a Daily Deviation on Deviantart today, so that is kinda where I found it. On his blog, Maxwell discloses more information about it, and I quote:

“Here’s some background information on the whole thing. Drawn on A4-sized craft paper sheet, using 0.20 & 0.25 mm Sakura Micron ink pens and two white Crown gel pens. Took me about three weeks to finish it — go figure how intricate it actually is… And no, I didn’t know how it’s gonna end up looking — I still kick it freestyle most of the times, although this time it was more or less symmetrical.”

He also notes that he’d love to hear feedback and how you’ve interpreted the drawing, so if you like you can always go there and drop this guy a bone. Moreover, the o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l piece is for sale, so if you like it a lot, please check out his blog again because it has a hyperlink to email him on it.

Newer Is Not Always Better

Today I categorized all my posts all over again, in more accurate categories referring to the craft exhibited, instead of the medium it was presented in. However, I also accidentially used the WordPress Category-To-Tag converter and it messed up. I lost all the categories and the tags from “aaaaaa” till “at night”. Sorry guys, maybe I’ll repair it sometime soon, when I’m bored really bad. Because it’s shitty work you know :(

The Transport Revolution


I was chatting away with a friend about driverless cars (or robot cars, w/e) the other day, and I just now stumbled upon an article on that comes with a few pictures of one of those concept cars and a nice layout of the improvements in society it would bring. It said nothing about the downside of robot cars, but aside from the violent revolution it must have in order to establish itself among “manual” cars, I can’t think of very much. And all that somewhere around the year 2040.

Although I don’t find the whole image that it’s been given very attractive, I support the concept by attacking a very more pictures and a cool video demonstrating the severity of a shockwave traffic jam, by the University of Nagoya, after the jump! Continue reading

Martijn Bodde, the Ironwrencher



Awesome! Made by Martijn Bodde, a young genius from Holland people! But no seriously, he’s a good friend but I never expected him to be so good at making sculptures. This really wowed me and you have to admit those eerie metal skeletonish soldiers combined with a strong historic image (which is also quite applicable to the piece) are indeed quite photogenetic.Find these photos, more of em, a youtube recording and the man himself (Laughingman) in the topic where he posted his sh… stuff. Another image after the jump. Continue reading

Emma Watson, drool



My compliments to the beautiful lady Emma Watson for sharing her grace and physique with an audience that has devoured many. Behold, Emma Watsons most recent “pantyflash” at the movie premiere for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood something, manifested by mother’s forces of nature while fulfilling her good and generous duty as a public figure. She is sexy in an advertising kind of way, even at that weather. Plus the photos are more then enough to figure out what she would look like naked.

6 Friggin more photos after the jump!!!!11“ Continue reading

Who’s Gonna Save My Soul

Allright, a music video directed by Chris Milk for Gnarls Barkley’s “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” means Good Shit. Next time I’m getting dumped I’m probably thinking of that video. It’s an entertaining collage of short story and powerful emotion, and the ending caught me the most. The ending caught me. How could I not post this?

Features Gnarls and Danger Mouse (that was his name right?) as the cooks of the restaurant, for about half a second

Sego Y Ovbal




Hola senores y senoritas,
Check out this stuff by Sego and Ovbal (I’m not really sure if it’s one or two guys), street art inspired eye candy. I’d love to tell you a whole lot about it but my Mexican is not very good at this moment. I think Sego’s blogspot, flickr, fotolog and myspace profiles could get you somewhere, and I think Project Bionika has something to do with it. Also, you may use the aforementioned hyperlinks to browse for more sweetness of this man/these men.

Three more images after the jump! Somebody get this guy his own website! Continue reading

God Of Small Things

Microscope, music, an intervalometer and a canon camera. Nice! A film by Chris Abbas and Sumit Seru. As Elomenope explains to Hayden on the Vimeo page:

Hi Hayden,

You’re right, the 30D only shoots stills. However, we set the camera on continuous shooting mode which enabled us to shoot at 5 frames per second. We used an intervalometer to engage the shutter release automatically, so our hands were free to manipulate what was on the microscope slide and focus. The intervalometer can also be used to take photos at predetermined intervals which makes it GREAT for time lapse work. It’s essentially a button-pushing robot monkey.

We shot over 5000 images, then brought all of them into After Effects at 24 frames per second. When played back at this frame rate as a sequence, it looks like video. Ta da!

I hope that answers your question!

James Palumbo and Tomas

Slightly disturbing promotional video for Tomas, a book by James Palumbo.

Palumbo is best known as being the founder of the nightclub and brand, Ministry of Sound (now MSHK Group). Since its conception in 1991, the company has grown from a nightclub in London’s Elephant and Castle to a global multi-media business. MSHK is also the largest independent record company in the world. Less known are Palumbo’s interests in property, in which he has been active since his late teens. – Wikipedia

Bad Panda



Alexis Marcou manages to depict a panda in a menacing yet strangely sterile and almost in a mecha kind of way. Hmm.. His portfolio is great and the site is really neat, worth checking out from the comforts of your desk. Hint, the navigation links appear at the bottom of the page. Also, you can buy some of his stuff on ClickforArt, which is where notcot redirected me.