Michael Steele’s Cluster Series



A series of paintings with one theme in common, clusters. Or whatever those are. The man with the familyname I would have picked if I got to choose says the following:

“With this new series of artworks that I have created as part of the “cluster” series, I have been able to explore various styles, techniques and mediums by portraying what I see around me and then present these influences artisticly. These influences that I have portrayed come from various avenues, such as the media, memories, people, textures, technology and so on.

A Cluster to me resembles images or objects grouped together to form something larger. I feel this gives images or objects a stronger presence rather then being displayed by themselves, creating a much more dynamic experience for the viewer.”

Three more images after the jump, but the whole of it ofcourse on display on Michael Steele’s portfolio.





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