Inconnu is a fashion collective of a bunch of (dutch) students, designers, and by the looks of it photographers too. It basically battles against the uniformity you find in clothing stores, and tries to take out the factor where you only buy stuff you’d buy yourself. How about an experiment? Throw a store’s inventory in a shuffle-machine and you receive a designer pearn (actually a shirt, or “canvas”) that may be your wardrobe’s next hall-of-famer. Does that make sense? What if I told you that you buy a shirt from Inconnu, and received a canned package at your door a few days later, which is actually a surprise T-shirt. You don’t know what exactly you’re going to get, besides ofcourse you can be pretty sure it’s a T-shirt from one of Inconnu’s designers. If you haven’t got the guts to spend some dough on this you’re probably not worth the guts Inconnu’s designers are showing.

One of the downsides of having the hottest design before its actually well in the market is that it’s not widely available. Inconnu is organizing *the* sale on Sunday the 14th of june. The location is “Canvas op de 7e” in the old Volkskrant building in Amsterdam. It opens at 12:00 and nobody knows when it’s going to end. There are 144 shirts for the occasion, so get there by 11:00 if you want to grab yourself one o’ them thangs, orrr drop in anytime for the additional bonus:

The sale is accompanied by a photo exposition that depicts the inspirational mood of diversity, individuality, guts and originality of the collection. There’ll be a DJ and a VJ present to keep you from drooling on the cotton.
June 14th ’09, 12:00 – …
8th floor old Volkskrantbuilding
Wibautstraat 150 (side entrance)


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