Microsoft Natal

Microsoft project Natal, in a nutshell, is an Xbox with a 3D camera and a microphone attached to it. That setup should be able to compute the position and movements of your body, facial recognition and voice recognition. Swing your arms to navigate trough menus or mimick an action you want your character in whatever game to perform. Anyway, check out the video.

It looks quite promising and I’m sure I’d enjoy it really much too if I could play on the newest of new gaming consoles together with my model family and hot girl next door. Now if only Microsoft would link the whole thing up to a 3D helmet or something we’d really have one kick-ass game console.

Although the trailer looks really great, I’m also really saddened that it’s never going to be that great IRL. For one, I have no model family. Secondly, hi-tech stuff like that is going to be trouble (looking at Xbox’s previous problems, blu-ray lenses in playstations and the shitty controller reception a Wii tends to give me). Thirdly, Xbox still has no sign of guts even in this video. I hope this isn’t going to be a console for golfing, snowboarding, skating, surfing, mountainclimbing, quizzing and dancing, because I want one for shooting, hiding, bombing and murder.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Natal

  1. yeah :P furniture, stray pets, little children. maybe if you’re into the new xbox enough you’ll never again be able to look at a tv without waving to it :-/

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