Code-X Yacht



Normally I don’t give a fuck about yachts, but this one’s pretty nice I guess. What it’s conceiver Code-X says about the yacht:

The uncompromisingly designed yacht, built by international leading experts, symbolises a dream come true.
CODE-X unites radical purism, the optimal benefit of renewable energy and the sheer power of a racing machine in one boat.

A flexible solar hybrid propulsion system enables both quiet, environmentally friendly cruising in ports and coastal areas as well as the pleasure of high speeds on open waters!

Silly, I thought “virtual anchors” that steer your engine in a way to maintain your geographical position no matter winds or currents, used more energy than one of those iron things. On the other hand, it’s a genious invention and if you’re rich enough to buy this baby, you probably don’t give much fucks about the environment anyway

Two more images after the jump, thank you for bearing with me!




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