the Doodle Bar, London

I thought of that before. A bar (or as I imagined it, a dutch coffeeshop) where you may doodle all over the furniture and walls. I wouldn’t go as far as to let the public draw on my staff because that’s a step-stone to physical violation and sexual harassment. Anyway, it would indeed be great to (smoke a joint, ) drink some coca cola and hang out at a doodle bar where you can actually do it. Check out the video, it’s had some nice result, the whole lot of doodles is actually quite interesting to look at (though ofcourse on a close-up its usually less impressive). Just give it a few months, there will grow masterpieces that you will cherish for the lifetime of your coffeeshop… err, bar.

I have a doodle table now, though. It’s huge, and my little niece really enjoyed drawing on it. Anyway, for more info go to, or hit the jump for a really nice image of a bald guy smoking the chronic in a coffeeshop.



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