God Of Small Things

Microscope, music, an intervalometer and a canon camera. Nice! A film by Chris Abbas and Sumit Seru. As Elomenope explains to Hayden on the Vimeo page:

Hi Hayden,

You’re right, the 30D only shoots stills. However, we set the camera on continuous shooting mode which enabled us to shoot at 5 frames per second. We used an intervalometer to engage the shutter release automatically, so our hands were free to manipulate what was on the microscope slide and focus. The intervalometer can also be used to take photos at predetermined intervals which makes it GREAT for time lapse work. It’s essentially a button-pushing robot monkey.

We shot over 5000 images, then brought all of them into After Effects at 24 frames per second. When played back at this frame rate as a sequence, it looks like video. Ta da!

I hope that answers your question!


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