Felix Götze, Motorockin’


A really cool rocking “horse” by Felix Götze :) And according to the site where I found it, the story behind it is as follows.

Otto Komei is three years old. Frequently he is sitting next to the window while watching the chopper gang on the other side of the street customizing and repairing their bikes. Just yesterday the one with the colored arm drove his chopper on the rear wheel down the street. Just as this rat bike Otto is dreaming of. Because hes got no drivers license and because of his own room being the only safe district, he needs a hybrid of chopper and rocking horse. With this machine he could learn to keep his balance and most of all to sit on it in easy position. So he closes his eyes and his arms broad. Oldschool-bikes he likes the most with a high handlebar and classic parts like lights and seats with old style. Furthermore he wants an one-cylinder two-stroke engine with 150 ccm for getting a really nice sound with a short and empty exhaust without muffler and skewed ending. Because everybody rides V2 four-stroke. Moreover it is so bad when everybody rides the same. The frame should be cantilever and the engine holding well hidden for giving the ride a clean look. At last he definitely wants a pinstripe from German airbrush-artist Thomas Weber as final detail.


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