The Transport Revolution


I was chatting away with a friend about driverless cars (or robot cars, w/e) the other day, and I just now stumbled upon an article on that comes with a few pictures of one of those concept cars and a nice layout of the improvements in society it would bring. It said nothing about the downside of robot cars, but aside from the violent revolution it must have in order to establish itself among “manual” cars, I can’t think of very much. And all that somewhere around the year 2040.

Although I don’t find the whole image that it’s been given very attractive, I support the concept by attacking a very more pictures and a cool video demonstrating the severity of a shockwave traffic jam, by the University of Nagoya, after the jump!






I copy and pasted this list because it’s a really nice summary, basically.

  • It will never crash (in theory), which is going to be great news for the 40,000+ people who die in car crashes each year. And that is in the US alone.
  • Because it never crashes you can make much better use of the interior. Today every seat, and every function is focused on you looking out of the front window while driving.
  • It will be far more economical and give you a smoother ride.
  • The many problems with congestions and traffic jams will be a thing of the past, because driverless cars are not subject to human reactions. Here is the video linked to by Baekdal in their post:

  • It can park itself, and pick you up later.
  • It can introduce a completely new form of transport. (Hey, I will just send my car to pick up the package)

I would also very much like to take this opportunity to remember Mary Ward, the first fatal motor vehicle accident victim, one hundred and fourty years ago :)


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