Vital Consciousness by 86Era

Vital Consciousness

After more than a month of holiday and time-out, I’m getting ready to start blogging about shit again. So here we go, a small post to kick off the new season.

You are aweing at the latest piece by Maxwell Lord, the man behind, called “Vital Consciousness”. It’s been featured as a Daily Deviation on Deviantart today, so that is kinda where I found it. On his blog, Maxwell discloses more information about it, and I quote:

“Here’s some background information on the whole thing. Drawn on A4-sized craft paper sheet, using 0.20 & 0.25 mm Sakura Micron ink pens and two white Crown gel pens. Took me about three weeks to finish it — go figure how intricate it actually is… And no, I didn’t know how it’s gonna end up looking — I still kick it freestyle most of the times, although this time it was more or less symmetrical.”

He also notes that he’d love to hear feedback and how you’ve interpreted the drawing, so if you like you can always go there and drop this guy a bone. Moreover, the o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l piece is for sale, so if you like it a lot, please check out his blog again because it has a hyperlink to email him on it.