Guillaume Blanchet, Laika

Guillaume Blanchet‘s video “Laika” is a very fun stop-motion animation with matches. When I first saw the video, I thought it had something to do with Laika the spacedog. Trentemoller’s got a great music track with a great video featuring Laika and her unfortunate fate. And as learned from Rice Candy, it actually does, since this is the promotional video for a supposedly famous bar in Montreal, “Laika“. Nice!


the Doodle Bar, London

I thought of that before. A bar (or as I imagined it, a dutch coffeeshop) where you may doodle all over the furniture and walls. I wouldn’t go as far as to let the public draw on my staff because that’s a step-stone to physical violation and sexual harassment. Anyway, it would indeed be great to (smoke a joint, ) drink some coca cola and hang out at a doodle bar where you can actually do it. Check out the video, it’s had some nice result, the whole lot of doodles is actually quite interesting to look at (though ofcourse on a close-up its usually less impressive). Just give it a few months, there will grow masterpieces that you will cherish for the lifetime of your coffeeshop… err, bar.

I have a doodle table now, though. It’s huge, and my little niece really enjoyed drawing on it. Anyway, for more info go to, or hit the jump for a really nice image of a bald guy smoking the chronic in a coffeeshop. Continue reading

Vania Zouravliov


Brilliant, no? Vania Zouravliov, an illustrator guy from Russia. Clearly has an eye for gothic scenery. Extraordinary detail and symbolism, a lust to the eye. Apparantly a child prodigy who at age 13 roamed the world on tour for live illustrations. Check out his portfolio at his current employer’s website, BigActive.

The Pharcyde and Spike Jonze

The Pharcyde present to you, “Drop”! Watch the clip and you’ll find reverse recording are a sure shot if you’re aiming for weird laws of physics (?) Directed by Spike Jonze, who deserves a lot of pats on the back for working for amongst others the Beastie Boys (I can see a resemblance with the Pharcyde video and eg. Intergalactic, how they’re all monkeying around a moving camera), Daft Punk, the Chemical Brothers, and ofcourse Jackass. This video is from 1996, bytheway.

Code-X Yacht



Normally I don’t give a fuck about yachts, but this one’s pretty nice I guess. What it’s conceiver Code-X says about the yacht:

The uncompromisingly designed yacht, built by international leading experts, symbolises a dream come true.
CODE-X unites radical purism, the optimal benefit of renewable energy and the sheer power of a racing machine in one boat.

A flexible solar hybrid propulsion system enables both quiet, environmentally friendly cruising in ports and coastal areas as well as the pleasure of high speeds on open waters!

Silly, I thought “virtual anchors” that steer your engine in a way to maintain your geographical position no matter winds or currents, used more energy than one of those iron things. On the other hand, it’s a genious invention and if you’re rich enough to buy this baby, you probably don’t give much fucks about the environment anyway

Two more images after the jump, Continue reading

Microsoft Natal

Microsoft project Natal, in a nutshell, is an Xbox with a 3D camera and a microphone attached to it. That setup should be able to compute the position and movements of your body, facial recognition and voice recognition. Swing your arms to navigate trough menus or mimick an action you want your character in whatever game to perform. Anyway, check out the video.

It looks quite promising and I’m sure I’d enjoy it really much too if I could play on the newest of new gaming consoles together with my model family and hot girl next door. Now if only Microsoft would link the whole thing up to a 3D helmet or something we’d really have one kick-ass game console.

Although the trailer looks really great, I’m also really saddened that it’s never going to be that great IRL. For one, I have no model family. Secondly, hi-tech stuff like that is going to be trouble (looking at Xbox’s previous problems, blu-ray lenses in playstations and the shitty controller reception a Wii tends to give me). Thirdly, Xbox still has no sign of guts even in this video. I hope this isn’t going to be a console for golfing, snowboarding, skating, surfing, mountainclimbing, quizzing and dancing, because I want one for shooting, hiding, bombing and murder.